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Cynthia Horn     Bio   Statement                Messenger
I create narrative psychological dramas exploring ideas of self, family, sexuality, and the rupture between one’s personal reality and public identity. Utilizing my family and friends as subject matter, I create a cumulative self-portrait by depicting the social scene of my life.  I am motivated by my subject’s hidden truths--that which is unspoken, concealed, or denied whether consciously or unconsciously.  Painting is a way for me to gain insight and explore the details of how intimate relationships shape our identities. Duality also plays a large role in my work, in both subject and content.   I am fascinated with the duality of perception—my subject's self image as well as societal perceptions and judgments based on outward appearances. With that in mind, I use the space of the canvas as an area of psychological tension and the face or body as a container for meaning .
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