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The concept of opposites came about as a result of my current paintings about animals and the human destruction of their habitats and the environment. Developers vs. preservationists, predators vs. prey, animal instincts and human behavior, one group or idea vs. another, they’re all opposites.

Opposites are everywhere. In nature, art, religion, science, commerce, morality even in the way we orient ourselves to the world. In fact they are nothing less than one of most basic tools we have to comprehend the world and process information that determines how we behave and live.

To acknowledge opposites causes us to think. For example, comparing morality in terms of good and bad, requires defining what both concepts mean. And much of our interaction as people is determined by our concepts of male and female. As a result of the powerful hold over our behavior and activities and its underlying structural dynamic of conflict opposites has limitless possibilities.

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