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the Shape of the Sound

The intriguing sounds made by the orders Cetacea and Avia invite us into a universe ripe for our exploration. Focusing upon the interconnection between the two formerly distinct realms of sound and image, the artist aspires to let the sound itself tell the story of what it may look like. A sound can be seen as a multi-dimensional energetic expression, and is given the freedom to emerge through highly tuned 'lenses' designed using mathematics. A wide spectrum of color mapping lends contextual representation suggesting each sound's intrinsic character. Once immersed in this domain, we confront deeper mysteries still. Are these merely patterns, or could they also prompt the beginning of a new perception of sound that challenges previous notions about its origin, structure and meaning? Recordings are made using the highest quality equipment available, and images made from these sounds using the AGUASONIC® process.
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