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JB Daniel     Bio   Statement                Messenger
Currently Lives In: Chicago, IL
Website: www.jbdaniel.com
Solo Exhibitions
TEXTU(R)ALRiverside Art CenterRiverside, IL2006
JB DANIEL - Recent WorkHarper CollegePalatine, IL2006
Construction #1Steppenwolf Theater (Garage Gallery)Chicago, IL2001
2 Person Exhibitions
T HERE - Ben Dallas + JB DanielNAB GalleryChicago, IL2005
T HERE - JB Daniel + Ben DallasLobby GalleryChicago, IL2005
Group Exhibitions
Miniatures and MultiplesATC GalleryChicago, IL2005
Inter-pret/ruptLIPA GalleryChicago, IL2005
NOVApresented by Lobby GalleryChicago, IL2005
Version>05:NFO EXPOpresented by Lobby GalleryChicago, IL2005
ContextChicago Printmakers CollaborativeChicago, IL2004
Big Small Town - Chicago Artists on ChicagoUp The Stairs GalleryChicago, IL2004
A Very Relative ThingTGP GalleryChicago, IL2004
TGP group showTGP GalleryChicago, IL2003
16th Evanston & Vicinity BiennialEvanston Art CenterEvanston, IL2002
Knotty, Dotty, Witty, GriddyLIPA GalleryChicago, IL2002
small CHANGEATC GalleryChicago, IL2002
Please PrintATC GalleryChicago, IL2001
New Works by...13th Floor GalleryChicago, IL2001
15th Evanston & Vicinity BiennialEvanston Art CenterChicago, IL2000
Museum Exhibitions
Spectrum - Contemporary Art of ChicagoChicago Athemaeum MuseumSchaumburg, IL2002
JB Daniel - Recent WorkHarper CollegePalatine, IL2006
Curatorial Activity
PUSHpullon locationChicago, IL2002
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