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Colorful Flowers and Still Lifes
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Colorful Flowers and Still Lifes

still life with salt and pepper


Potted plant, yellow shaker


eggplant, melon, and grapefruit


red rose, blue pitcher


still life with pear and bone


squashes, lemon, tools


Still Life with Melon


Flowers on a Chair


Bananas and Green Bottle


pink bottle and tools


Still life with eggplant


Hornet Nest & Artichoke Bloom


Gold pitcher with blue bloom


Hawaii sherry still life


Hawaii morning still life #6


Hawaii Triple Jack still life


Hawaii Yellow Roses


Hawaii breakfast


Hawaii matchbook still life


Hawaii red roses, blue vase


Still Life with Two Wine Bottles


pineapple, flowers


still life with pink vase


Bottle Goldfish




bananas and flowers


Holly and Lamp


peach blossoms, red background


still life with pomegranate and bananas


still life with violets

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