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Lori Van Houten
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Mine Road Trilogy 1
12:59PM 11.03.10 | Rich Wargo : Just curious, are you the Lori Van Houten originally from Middleburgh, NY?

Mine Road Trilogy 1
3:31AM 02.28.10 | louise weinberg : beautiful work !!

Mine Road Trilogy 1
8:34AM 10.19.09 | Natalie : I love your work.

Mine Road Trilogy 1
6:25AM 06.22.09 | sandy straus : i love your work

Mine Road Trilogy 1
5:29PM 03.24.09 | pjpthomas@comcast.net : Are there any dates where the artist presents her works to the public?
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Favorite Works
Margins of Winter (bole and bark)
Margins of Winter (cockscomb)
Field Notes: white nettle
Field Notes: final harvest
Field Notes: seedfall
Field Notes: wild hydrangea
Stained Silk (uncover, unearth)
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