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8:48PM 09.08.09 | Erling Voss : Kevin, Hope all is well with you, so sorry to hear about your Mothers passing. Think of you every time I see the pottery bowl you gave me many years ago. erling

10:23AM 03.18.06 | ElizabethRiley : Like your work Kevin!

9:46AM 04.27.05 | tyler bohm : i like your works on paper a lot. do you have more to post? aerial photos of lego cities sounds good to me. if you want, you can email me at tylerbohm@hotmail.com, i'd like to know more about your rugs etc...

Smoke Stack
8:38PM 04.26.05 | jasmina : hey - just checked you out on the web - you seem busy. Had no idea you were still in NYC.Yes, I still live in Brooklyn. Bard is a really cool place - are you planning to go there? I always stayed on campus - had a productive and fantastic time there. Hard to beat. jas

5:49AM 03.10.05 | Doug Parry : Kevin, Howdy. I suppose you got the email from Robert Heckes too regarding your extra pass to the Armory show. Is that still available? I'm going to be meeting people on Sunday. If it is cool that I take the pass, should we meet somewhere to make the trade before Sunday? Please let me know via

12:11PM 03.06.05 | laurabell : Hi Kevin! I've just started putting images on this site and found you here. Especially like the works on paper and snow shadows (is Homer in any of them?). Laura Bell

7:37AM 11.23.04 | MichaelGreathou : wait - you're selling a one inch by one inch photograph? most of them aren't even square...
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