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Christine Hahn
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Christine Hahn
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1:48AM 07.05.19 | WalterZex : The most effective ways to Ask a Girl For a Date This simply means that you approach the girl by asking questions that has nothing to do with you. Always start by directing the questions you have towards the girl, And instruction like, "exactly what can you say about the movie, and it could

5:31PM 07.15.07 | beautifulpaint : Christine this is awesome. I love the depth and movement La

12:31AM 05.03.07 | Pendergast : Very nice ensemble Christine! Congrats on your show.

8:43AM 02.24.07 | ashbrenne : Thanks a lot, Christine. "The Distance Between You and Me" is a powerful piece!! Best Åshild

4:55PM 01.19.07 | William Holton : Hi Christine, love these new paintings, wish I could see them in person. The spacial relationships are getting more and more interesting. Thanks for the nice message!

6:17AM 08.13.06 | beautifulpaint@adelphia.net : Christine hey girl! I am browsing your pieces to passs on to my cousin Tamara. You met her in DC at Hotel Rouge show. Please eemail me a price for this set. xo la

Last Night I Flew
12:33AM 07.31.06 | Pendergast : your statement is great too. I figured out what I trying before, thnks again and have a great summer!
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