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3:34PM 06.12.12 | Jeniffer : Wow! Talk about a posting kncionkg my socks off!

10:18PM 02.18.12 | Mehmet : I really couldn't ask for more from this artlice.

9:07AM 02.09.11 | Amy Tiller : wow Blaine...you are really getting the hang of this photography "thing"! ; ) no really...these are all so GREAT!

9:02AM 02.09.11 | Amy Tiller : Love the work you are doing. The color is really working...I also love the one of the two men on the bench.

9:10PM 01.13.11 | DougParry : Wow, what a beautiful photograph! It looks like a Giorgio Morandi painting! Very, very nice. Doug Parry dougparry.neoimages.net

4:55PM 02.11.08 | ellen : whopppee ! LOOKS GREAT ELLEN
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