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Skylight Transpod/ORD
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Skylight Transpod/ORD
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Skylight Transpod/ORD
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Skylight Transpod/ORD
5:56AM 10.25.12 | Cherlyn : At last! Someone who undretsands! Thanks for posting!

Skylight Story /panel 10 / the many ways to heaven
1:55PM 07.09.10 | A. Gutierrez G. : Great work Rod!!!!

8:37AM 05.29.08 | Joan : I like this one. It looks just like a photo we took in KS as we traveled thru. I'll show you soon. Those are really beautiful and unique. I know that takes a lot of time to paint since I've dabled in it a little. Keep up the good work! We are proud of you.

starry nacht
11:27AM 02.24.08 | julie double bubble : This is my favorite painting...love the color contrasts and the dreamy quality.
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