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Small Steps Series #10
5:02PM 08.09.09 | davidsimports@yahoo.com : Please e-mail me the price of this piece. Thank you, Sue Soffer

12:01PM 09.05.07 | Raychel : Also very lovely.

12:00PM 09.05.07 | Raychel from oklahoma : This is beautiful, would love to put it in my house.

8:23PM 03.16.07 | Ada : I love this piece!

11:33PM 03.15.07 | rs : hey russ >>> great WORK!!

Changing of the Guard
10:59AM 03.13.07 | rheckes : excellent new piece Russ. I guess you are mounting the painting on the wood piece. Looks great.

5:11AM 09.15.06 | Pendergast : thanks back. I love the space of Open Window, and this one of the piney woods. great work!
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