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File Cycle
11:48AM 10.16.13 | [email protected] : Keep on keeping on If you ever need catalogue text I would be willing to collaborate John Grande

File Cycle
12:11PM 12.17.08 | walter : great website, terrific to see the body of work and acconmplishment in variety of materials. i love the wheel and other rattle objects. (and the file cabinets as sculpture seem to be more relevant each day)

File Cycle
5:46AM 09.02.08 | michele kucker : miles & i love your work! thanks for including us in your messages we look forward to the port Washington exhibit

9:47AM 07.06.08 | mike goos : i love this piece!

7:47PM 07.04.07 | Barbara Lewin : I'm very moved by this piece. It's so poignant.

7:45PM 07.04.07 | Barbara Lewin : Congratulations, Barbara, on this show and the NYT article! You're an inspiration.

4:41AM 06.25.07 | Karen : Brava!
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